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Essential Oil Kits

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Ramadan Roller Pack
Ramadan Roller Pack • Peppermint roller ball • Lavender roller ball • Shield roller ball ..
Rp 272.000,00
Peacefulness Essential Oil Pack
Every great idea comes from a peaceful mind, Every great intention comes from a peaceful heart. This series help one achieve inner peacefulness amidst the constant chatters, challenges and obstacles in our daily lives. This essential oil set consists of: 5ml Chill Essential Oil Formul..
Rp 585.000,00
Oils To Go
Our handy essential oils case holds 25 bottles, perfect for travelling and storing your oils. This special pack includes : 5ml Lavender Essential Oil 5ml Bergamot Essential Oil 5ml Peppermint Essential Oil 5ml Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil 5ml Lemongrass Essential Oil 5ml Geran..
Rp 1.300.000,00
Fasting Kit
Fasting Kit • Grapefruit essential oil 5ml • Peppermint essential oil 5ml • Lavender essential oil 5ml • Grapeseed oil 30ml ..
Start from Rp 365.000,00
Starter Kit
Previously known as Newbie Kit, this kit is everything you need to start your journey in aromatherapy. CONTAINS - 5ml Lavender Certifed Organic Essential Oil - 5ml Peppermint Certifed Organic Essential Oil - 5ml Lemon Certifed Organic Essential Oil - 5ml Tea Tree Certifed Organic..
Start from Rp 410.000,00
Ramadan Essential Oil Pack
Ramadan Essential Oil Pack • Peppermint 5ml • Lavender 5ml • Grapefruit 5ml • Shield 5ml • Bergamot 5ml • Embrace 5ml • Chill 5ml • Spearmint 5ml ..
Start from Rp 812.000,00
Smitten Aromatherapy Kit
Our Smiten blend is formulated to help restore positive emotions and enhance feelings of joy. The gentle fragrance of smitten nourishes your soul, builds yourself up and promotes feelings of joy. Use anytime you need to rid off tension and to set a happy mood. Rich in aphrodisiac properties, ..
Rp 450.000,00
Dream Aromatherapy Kit
Our Dream blend is formulated to calm and ease the mind while promoting deep relaxation. The floral scents offer a calming atmosphere when your are feeling stressed and overwhelmed after a long day or when you're feeling fearful or upset. The citrus scent level emotional feelings and can help ..
Rp 450.000,00